So you just had a new addition to your family and it’s already time to get back to your job. Having to choose between a full-time job and being a new mother, is hard enough. To add to that would be a flood of emotions that hit at the end of the maternity leave. But how do you eventually find the balance between your ambition and a fulfilling motherhood journey?

While finding that elusive balance seems impossible, in the parenting world, there are many working mothers who have finally navigated the route with success, albeit with challenges.


With you being the one, the baby turns to for food and comfort, it is easy to forget that you need to share the baby and the responsibilities that come with it. Your husband/partner can take care of small tasks like changing the baby, playtime, soothing the baby and much more. All responsibilities could be shared on a daily basis or assigning alternate days for baby’s care works well too, as long as its teamwork all the way.


One of the simplest ways for a new mom to unwind and just get some reassurance, finding your own tribe. With just a little help, your well being can be taken care of by talking out the parenting issues you are facing. FB groups like FMCAsk the Village, The Mommy Network are great to find new mom friends and to share any parenting situations.


An important step to ensure a stress-free work-life balance after having a baby is to set up a trusted child care support system back at home. For some, this may be a member of the family, a nanny or even a daycare facility. If it is someone you hire to look after your little one, do your research, ask other parents for recommendations and finally decide on one who you feel fits your baby’s routine best. HelpChecker is a good group to do basic background checks for any of your helpers.


With the options of baby care products available in the market, a parent is spoilt for choice. Products like the NapNap Baby Sleeping Mat is a trusted tool, new parents choose to invest in for a good night’s sleep for the baby and themselves. This involves the use of patented smart technology to soothe newborns and help them fall into a sleeping routine and get enough sleep into their schedule. Innovation such as this and the NapNap Nursing Cover makes nursing on the go for new moms a super easy experience and is a must-have for new parents.

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And finally, the simple secret behind a healthy, happy baby is a mother who knows she is always doing the right thing for her baby. Now that you are armed with all this information from us, let’s help you get your schedule sorted right. Do you have any tips for new moms who want to get back to the workforce? Share them in the comments.