In this incessant, constantly active, dopamine vending reality of ours, we have forgotten our basic physiology. We have forgotten that we are still in our body that hasn’t changed much in over a million years! But our surroundings have changed dramatically and so has our lifestyle. Mobile phones and the internet have spawned a culture of convenience where we don’t have to physically work for anything. We are strapped onto a never-ending joyride without a pause button. We now need to learn how to press Pause.

Sleep is Pause. It’s the quiet time between our manic lives where our mind, body and soul recover, refresh and recharges for the onslaught of activity coming the next day. We have forgotten how to pause and the sedentary lifestyles that we now lead don’t tire us to naturally put us to sleep. And believe it or not, this has slowly become a big problem!

Over 93% of Indians are sleep deprived. That is a huge number! Over 1 billion of us have some sleep disorder or the other. And sleep deprivation doesn’t just spoil your mood that can be fixed with a candy, sleep deprivation has some long-lasting negative impact on your lives. Lack of sleep increases the risk of heart problems, obesity, diabetes and even significantly increases the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s eventually leading to death.

How come we are not talking about this? The need of the hour is a serious conversation on a significant scale. Let’s not let this beast of the night destroy us quietly. Let’s talk about it and help each other.

#LetsTalkSleep and raise awareness around the importance of sleep.