In the excitement of the adorable addition to the family, the family often doesn’t give enough due to the infant and parent’s sleep. It is only a few weeks down the line that the parents realize how the baby’s sleep can affect their day. What they fail to understand is an unhealthy sleep routine also affects the baby’s growth and development.

To make this journey simpler and ensure that both you and your baby are sleeping well, here are some expert tips –

1. Bedtime Routine

A bedtime routine essentially means doing the same set of things at the same time each day before bed. You may do sequential activities like massage, bath, feed and so on. This helps in developing a routine for the baby and indicating to them that it is sleep time.

2. Bedtime Environment

A proper sleep environment is important to ensure that your baby is comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Dim lights, comfortable cool temperature, minimal background noise, comfortable fresh pair of clothes help to set up an optimal sleep environment for the baby. You may also introduce white noise and vibrations to soothe the baby.

3. Firm Surface

Unlike the common notion, a baby should sleep on a firm mattress (HR foam). Mattresses that are too soft can create an indentation or pocket that creates the risk of rebreathing or suffocation as your baby gets old enough to roll over. Check out the perfect mattress for babies here.

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Remember, Happy Baby, Happy You!