As this was our first Mother’s Day, we wanted to engage with mothers on social media in a meaningful and emotional manner.

We realized that the baby’s ‘firsts’ the first grip, the first crawl, the first steps and more, are very precious and emotional for a mother. A mother often gets caught up in the everyday hustle and forgets about the same. Through #FirstCupOfMotherhood, we wanted to make all the mothers relive their motherhood journey by celebrating their baby’s ‘firsts’.

Through a week-long campaign, we dedicated each day to a particular ‘first’ that is extremely precious to a mother and asked them to upload the picture of the same. The ‘Firsts’ celebrated –

  • First Picture
  • First Finger Hold
  • First Tooth
  • First Sit
  • First Crawl
  • Favourite First

On Mother’s Day, we asked the mothers to upload their favourite picture with the baby and write a note to the baby. The winner was announced through a live session and she won a giveaway worth Rs. 30000.

The #FirstCupOfMotherhood campaign was completely organic, without any advertising dollars being spent. We were able to reach over 1.7 Lakh mothers and engaged with over 20000 people. With over 135 daily participants, the #FirstCupOfMotherhood campaign received 638 entries.

Swapnil Rao, the co-founder of NapNap Mat, says, “It was our first Mother’s Day as a brand and we really wanted to make it special by celebrating every moment of the journey with not only the mothers of our community but also all mothers on Facebook and Instagram. We have always had the firm belief that if the core insight and the idea are good and authentic, then the campaign has to resonate with the audience. We are very humbled and overjoyed with the response and love that we received.”

We thank everyone for all their love, support and enthusiasm shown for us and the campaign. We have two more such heart-warming campaigns in the pipeline, and it will surely be something to watch out for!

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