When it comes to the normalization of breastfeeding in public, people in India still have some way to go growing up to do. Women are still criticized and directed to use designated areas for nursing their kids,  and a study shows that only 6% of mothers in India are okay with public breastfeeding places.

Recently a lot of urban women are speaking up and sharing personal experiences to normalize public breastfeeding, yet there are still many mothers who aren’t informed about how they can make breastfeeding in public a comfortable experience.

It turns out that breastfeeding a baby would require quite a few wardrobe adjustments to a new mother’s lifestyle.  Here we have listed some items which are quite simple to use and make nursing just about anywhere a breeze. Using such accessories for feeding a newborn, would be little steps in normalizing the freedom to feed, in our country.

1. Nursing Bra

Breastfeed In Public easily using a nursing bra or NapNap feeding cover.

Remember you would want to go for the one that is soft and is made for comfort and functionality. Nursing bras are multi-functional. The fabric is such that it adjusts to your body since the body tends to change all through pregnancy and it helps to ease you through this process. They offer proper breast support and helps reduce back pain, chest pain and reduces the chance of any stretch marks. Most nursing bras come with conveniently placed flaps which are very convenient for breastfeeding.

2. Nursing Dress

This dress has a rather clever design. It has a regular top structure with a slit and more fabric on top to cover when not nursing. Serves of great utility and some variety to your nursing wardrobe. They also reduce any chance of having any stretch marks around the chest area. They are available in various sizes and designed to fit your body as it changes giving you an appealing look. Surely check for reviews online or from your friends.

3. Simple Button-Up

An easy, minimalistic button-up dress never goes out of style. This option is rather simple to wear and you probably have them hidden in your closet already. It helps you give easy access to breastfeed your baby. It becomes very handy to use a breast pump as well. Moms usually prefer easy, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to keep them comfortable throughout the day.

For us, at NapNap it is vital to ensure mothers are #FreeToFeed their babies Anytime Anywhere. NapNap Nursing Cover will help you feel comfortable, feed your child and look put together without leaving a hole in your wallet.

Written by: Pratibha Jeyaraj