The core of every perfect yoga posture is balance and flexibility. This applies not only to yoga postures but also to our everyday lives. And Payal Gidwani Tiwari – a celebrity yoga guru, author of 3 popular books and last but not the least, a vibrant mother is the perfect example of how to strike a balance and be flexible through your many roles in life, especially motherhood.

Born into a business family and raised in Mumbai, Payal is an interior designer turned yoga guru who firmly believes in inner callings! Training celebrities like Saif and Kareena, she realised that she could send across her message of fitness through yoga to the masses by penning it down into a super helpful guide on how they can shape up by practicing yoga regularly.

And yoga is how she healed herself from post-partum depression after she gave birth to her son Sayaan. Despite having a smooth pregnancy, Payal had to undergo a C-section delivery due to some unforeseen complication. Due to the administration of pre-surgical injections, she developed a condition known as spinal headache that made even raising her head a very painful process. This also troubled her young baby who felt the pain every time she nursed him.

To take in all this post the pregnancy was too much, even for an accomplished yoga master and she suffered from what she calls “the worst case of post-partum depression”. However, yoga helped her wade out of these tough tides and she battled through the spinal headache and aftermath of pregnancy successfully.

As a special message to all the women out there who stress over getting back in shape post having a baby, Payal insists that they should enjoy this period of motherhood and bid farewell to diets and weight loss exercises for at least three months. In her own words- “The extra weight will go away, with a proper balanced diet, breastfeeding and discipline. So think about your child and eat for your child!”

Written by: Sampada Joshi