Radhika Karkare is a strong, tech-savvy, experimental and myth-busting mom. An engineer turned hands-on mother, Radhika’s journey is that of the new age Indian mother who dons various avatars to be a multi-dimensional woman.

Radhika’s childhood has been influenced by independent and self-sufficient women who raised her with the same values and taught her that she’s no less than anybody else. Having lost her father, whom she hero-worshipped, at a very young age, Radhika reveals that the journey was tough but her mother ensured that she never felt inadequately cared for.

However, this made her appreciate the importance of both parents in a child’s and is glad to have her college sweetheart Mihir by her side as she raises Arryaana. Having known each other for fifteen years, the couple took their own time to enjoy marital bliss before they took the plunge into parenthood.

The old wives’ tale talks about not preparing for the arrival of your baby before she is actually born. But Radhika paved her own way and went ahead to shop for everything right from the onesies and diapers when she was pregnant. The crib, however as she fondly recollects, is a hand-me-down to Arryaana.

Radhika also believes in exploring techniques herself. She would read books, talk to doctors and watch videos to educate herself about motherhood. As a student, a girl who took each and every small exam seriously, Radhika is now a woman who is leaving no stone unturned to pass this test of motherhood as well.

She also researches into what kind of toys should she buy her child and ensures that the love for reading is cultivated in her daughter. “I started to read to Arryaana since she was two months old and I hope she becomes an avid reader as she grows old”, she prays as she shows us her enormous library. Arryaana already has favorite books such as “Goodnight Moon” that she reads every day.

Radhika is now a seasoned mother. From the stage of panicking at each little detail in the first trimester, she has eased has into motherhood, relishing every moment as it comes.

“The child is the father of the man”, Radhika reminds us. “Your baby will teach you everything you need to learn. And you will figure out everything as you go.” she finishes with a reassuring smile.