Ritu Gorai is the charismatic, fiercely independent and committed founder of JAMMs, a loving wife and mother of Sara. And boy does she have a story worth telling!

From an upbeat youngster to a supportive wife,  a corporate trainer to a freelancer and then to a new mother – life’s journey was exciting till it came to a halting chasm when she suffered from postpartum depression.

She says she recalls almost nothing of the first year post her C-Sec delivery since it was such a difficult time. Her body went through a lot – lactation issues, the baby was a terrible sleeper, constant sleep deprivation. Insomnia is a terrible curse that most pregnant couples dread the most.

The pregnancy was itself riddled with complications where she almost lost her precious baby. “We took a conscious parenting decision when I opted to stay at home to give Sara my complete attention after giving birth”.

Depression can hit anyone and the hesitation to take help makes it worse. Most mothers in India fear seeking help, there is a taboo attached to visiting a counselor. It’s treated as a secret illness not to be voiced, but it’s the dark truth that exists.

She first looked at online support groups, information online, etc but nothing prepared her for the actuality of having a child.

In Mumbai, she immediately started a WhatsApp Mom support group which were a group of her friends and acquaintances. The no-nonsense support structure then grew organically and exploded into what we now know as JAMMs. She was not always this sure of herself and JAMMs found her as much as she founded the thriving community.