Re-thinking on your trip planned for the holiday season? We are here with some ideas which will make you say yes to ‘Baby on board!’.

Here are some pointers to consider before you Get Set Go:

1. Travel Hacks For Feeding

Feeding the baby around the clock is the most recommended tip from the parents. Carry bibs that are easy to clean. You may also carry portable food makers to help make small portions for the baby to eat. Feel free to feed your baby with this amazing nursing cover offered by NapNap Nursing Cover. It is 360 coverage feeding cover to keep the judgy stares away. It also can be used as a stroller cover, high chair cover & a car seat cover.

2. Travel hacks for Sleeping

Your baby sleeps well, stays fresh. Creating a sleep environment for your baby could help the process speed up. To travel light, you can also try the NapNap Mat that makes your baby sleep better and longer. It uses a smart sleep technology that mimics a  mother’s womb which activates the baby’s calming responses and lulls them to sleep.

3. Travel Hacks For Flying

To travel light, carry one single bag for all your baby products. To keep your baby feel comfortable, carry blankets, ear mufflers, containers for food. Keep tissues, bibs, and diapers handy. You can also carry baby-safe sanitizers, wet wipes to groom the baby after his meal. Many parents also feel comfortable carrying a baby carrier, but it would depend on the duration of your trip. An added tip is to nurse the baby during take-off and landings.

4. Travel Hacks For While In Transit

Make sure that your little one stays hydrated throughout the trip. Always carry extra bottles of water and bottled milk for any emergency. Dress your baby in onesies for an easy change. Carry a lot of zip lock bags. You can store the dirty clothes in the ziplock bags so that the rest of your products are safe and clean.

5. Other Travel Hacks

Make sure you carry all the documents required for the travel of the baby.

Research about the train schedules beforehand for easy and hassle-free transit.

Keep some healthy bars handy so that your diet does not affect the quality of milk and your baby receives all the nutrients needed. Ensure that all the medicines required for you and your baby are packed so that you enjoy your trip without any concern.

Hope all these tips help you and your family have a hassle-free experience and a memorable trip. Happy Holidays!